Pam Calvert Interview

August 16, 1997

pam2.jpg              Visit Pam’s Website

What is the first story you remember writing?

Can you remember the first encouraging comment you received about your writing?

If you were not a writer, what would you pour your passion into?

What do you most love about the writing life.

What is most difficult?

How long were you seriously submitting stories and articles before you received your first acceptance?

What kept you going during the times when rejections constantly visited your mailbox?

What advice would you give writers who are closing in on the 100 rejection mark without an acceptance of any sort?

How did family and friends view your writing before they could actually hold your book in their hands?

How often do you write?

How many total stories have you written? Even count those that you’ll never show anybody.

Do you break or have you broken any conventional rules of picture book writing?

Do you write for the market or just for yourself? What would you suggest to aspiring writers?

Are there certain types of picture books you prefer to write? Educational? Humorous? Sentimental?

Can you list some of your favorite picture books as a child?

Were there certain picture books that influenced you as you first pursued publication?

I love your website. It oozes with friendliness. You make it clear that you are willing to help others. Is there a typical way you like to be approached by aspiring writers?

As a person of faith, do you write any Christian picture books?

Do you have any new news to share with your readers?

Finally, Can you share with us something about you nobody else may know?


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