The Beginning of it all

May 20, 1999

I don’t know what made me do it. I’m not sure why I was so inspired to begin writing picture books. Recently, I found the story, the one that began everything. It’s called The Lonely Sprout. No, it will never be published. It will never even make it close to a mail box. It’s awful. I had written it in a spiral notebook. I went back and typed it up and filed it with all my “real” stories. The most interesting thing about the story is not its plot, but the little note near the title. It spoke about what I was doing the night I wrote it. 

It read:  

Dec 8th 1998 1256 am watching Dick Van Dyke Show after best night of our marriage, talking politics, etc.

(She was interested in things I was interested in, so great)

 I think it was knowing that my wife is supportive and is interested in the things I do that caused me to finally write a story and finish it. I actually didn’t finish it until May, 1999. When I finished, I wrote one more book called Tim and Tom. That one was even worse. It was not for a couple more years until I wrote again.

Lesson learned: My bride really loves me!

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