2001 – What did I do?

December 20, 2001

Getting ready for Preaching School back in Dallas kept us busy. Wasn’t inspired to write for any reason. My son was a little over 1 year old. Almost two when we moved. We read him some books, usually the same one at nap time and bed time. Not a lot of inspiration there. As you’ll see. My inspiration came from reading my son books. One book I remember checking out for him was a book on scorpions. He called a scorpion a “skorky.” We had a lot of them around our house. We tried showing him how dangerous they could be. He actually picked one up a few weeks earlier. Most of the books we checked out for him were truck and tractor books.

God must have been working in my mind full of mush, but the inspiration was slowly fermenting.

Lesson Learned: Life is changing fast.

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