First Critque Group

December 23, 2002

All I want for Christmas is a critique group. I got one. A couple days before Christmas 2002, I joined a few others in an online Yahoo Group to critique our writings. After a couple months, a couple of the writers became pregnant and couldn’t continue with our schedule. A couple others had other types of writing or illustration projects that took priority over pb writing. One other writer went to fight in Iraq. I just kept writing by my lonesome until another Critique group opportunity came along about two years later. I shouldn’t have joined the first group. I wasn’t good enough. My writing had improved a lot by the time I joined my second group.

Lessons Learned: Not every critique group experience works out well for everyone. Not every writer in the group is on the same level. In my first group, I was on one of the lower rungs of the ladder. In my current group, we are all growing at pretty much the same pace. I have a better fit now. – Feb. 2007.

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