December 2005

December 31, 2005

Wrote 41 books this year. Talking about trash and treasure. Okay, let’s look at how many of these will still make the rounds at publishers in 2007 – Answer: 5-6. The final book of the year was one of the best I wrote in 2005. It was my New Year’s Eve project. Just call me “party boy.”

Best thing I did this year: late in 2005, I began sending out a few queries. I was so afraid to begin doing this. It’s neat to have publishers like Dutton and Levine request a story. Even had a pb requested from a closed house. Cool. One editor requested a pb and said in her letter that she appreciated my kind words about her website. I hadn’t included them in the query for this story, but in a previous query. She also loves my title. I can’t wait to send the story.

Best rejections of the year: An editor at a regional Texas publisher thought one of my books was very clever but they aren’t accepting pb manuscripts “at this time.” If only the website had said so. Good personal rejects from Farrar. One said a story was “sweet” but they were already publishing something similar.  

Lessons learned: We need to get out of our comfort zones. I’m glad I finally began writing queries. Now the key is to get a second pb requested.

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