2006 in review

December 31, 2006

I finished out 2006 with a busy month of writing. All of my spare time went into new stories, or actually old story ideas that finally were written. Still unemployed. God is keeping our heads above water. We’re talking to a local church about the perfect job, church planting that really isn’t church planting, but really is a lot like it. Confused yet?

Books written in December: 16 (4 of these circulating Feb 2007)

Books written in 2006: 44 (9-11) of these circulating as of Feb 2007, might retire 2 of these until they get re-critiqued and re-written).

Best rejections: Reka Simonsen spending Henry Holt’s money to personally send a rejection. Their guidelines say they won’t respond unless they are interested. She replied anyway. I liked that. By far the best reject was in the beginning of the year from Cheryl Klein.  

Lessons learned: Thought I should already be published by now. Sometimes my expectations are a little too high. Remembered that I love writing so much that I cannot stop.

New thing: Wrote and submitted article to SCBWI. Nice rejection and then saw a long thread on Verla Kay about my subject.

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