Beginning of 2007

January 30, 2007

The year is starting out slow. My stories to Steven Malk were rejected. I received a personal reject which stated I should join SCBWI. I was a little upset because the editor didn’t read below my signature. Underneath my signature on every query or cover letter it plainly states, “SCBWI Member.” Just before sending that editor another query, I looked back on my previous query to her. The notation about SCBWI was missing. Oh my! I renewed my SCBWI membership a bit late this year, end of January.

As for my writing. I am still a little burned out from December. Not really burned out, but focusing on another form of writing. I began writing a book titled Purple Ducks: Reflections on our Eternal Need to Belong. The book includes stories on my need to belong and how it relates to the spiritual journey many of us travel. I’m including lots of personal anecdotes and mixing it with thoughts on Christian spirituality. A friend in my critique group is looking at it one chapter at a time and helping me tremendously. Any of y’all got some good stories on belonging or not belonging, espeically if it is in a church context? No picture book writing this month. I don’t think I subbed anything during January.  

Lesson Learned: I can write something other than picture books. If I can finish something larger than a picture book is an entirely different story.

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