Book Blurbs

Below are some book titles that are currently making the rounds at some publishers. My books contain a lot of quirky humor which one member of my critique group constantly says reminds her of Robert Munsch. Never having read any of his humourous titles, I trust her when she says, “That’s a compliment.” I have also written some very sentimental books and a few that have Christian themes.

Everywhere We Go It Rains

Someone once said, “Vacations are a chance to see what rain looks like in another part of the country” – Zelda Zwingli, age 10. 

Zelda tells the story of her family and their bad fortune at vacation time. They find rain in the most unlikely of places. Zelda and her family make some shocking discoveries in the rain soaked pages of this book. The difference between South Carolina rain and North Carolina rain is that one type is a bit further south. True, but they also discover how to turn rainy vacations into much needed help for folks all around the country.

Length: 950 words

Gone is the Blue Bird

Gone is the Blue Bird is the story of 8 year old Clarissa and her mother who suffers from bi-polar disorder. There isn’t a lot of happiness in her mother’s life. It flies in and out like the blue bird made famous in Maurice Maeterlinck’s play of the same name. This touching text focuses on one Saturday in Clarissa’s hard life. There are times during this day that are sheer joy, that’s when her mother sees the blue bird. Then there are moments when Clarissa better watch her every action and word. Because when the blue bird flutters away, mother might just explode.

Length 1200 words 

Alex Achoo!

Alex has a problem. He can’t stop sneezing. Not only that, his sneezes are supersonic. He laments about his sneeze fits until the day his Fairy Sneeze Father pooofs onto the scene. “Don’t complain about your sneezing,” he says. “I’ll turn your sneezes into good.”  His final advice to Alex is to go out for the football team the next day. That’s when his sneezes make him a star.

Length: 550 words

It Comes with Cats

Sammi and Danni don’t want to move to the country. They love their house. They especially love living in town. There’s the candy store after school, their best friend next door, and her cat Millie. They’ll miss Millie alot. Sammi and Danni take a preview visit to the new house. Still sad about the move, they look around. That’s when they see a flash of fur. Then they see another. They discover that this house may be the best one ever.  

Length: 500 words

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