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Dry spell for me

July 29, 2006

May, June, and July produced one pb manuscript, and that one wasn’t very good.

During the same time, received my first magazine rejection. More personal rejections “clever and fun but not strong enough for this maket” type of rejects. Oh well. Received an answer to a query saying, “send it.” I had sealed that query with a tear. I must have been emotional the day I sent it.

Lesson learned: A writer can be rejected from both ends of the country on the same exact day. I didn’t just receive the rejections on the same day. They were typed up on the same day. Oh my!

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Picture of a train

March 23, 2006

An editor from Viking gave some good advice on my train/bedtime book. I loved her drawing of a train at the bottom of the reject. World class editor and artist!

Lesson learned: Some editors can make me smile.

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First SCBWI conference

September 23, 2004

September 2004 

My wife dropped me off in Arlington, I think it was the Hilton. The conference was almost over. I wasn’t able hear the editors speak. I didn’t have the money to do that. Still don’t. After the conference ended, I was able to meet three editors. That is when I became inspired to be a real picture book writer. It was thrilling to meet real editors, and to later speak with some real writers in the lobby.

With personal invites to send off manuscripts, Candlewick, Harper Collins, and Bloomsbury didn’t know what was about to hit them.

Any idea what happened?

Lesson Learned: Editors and writers are really cool people. I want to hang around them more often.

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