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June 2007 – submissions

July 9, 2007

Hi y’all,

I am not doing what needs to be done. If I want to be a published picture book writer, I need to submit my pb manuscripts to editors. I haven’t been doing so. I sent out a bunch in late January or so, but since then, nothing. I cured that June 29th with sending off mss to 19 publishers. Again, I stress these are well targeted submissions. I think there was a total of 8 mss which I send off simultaneously. A few were queries and others were unsolicited subs. I also sent a requested ms to Dutton and a revision request of Buck-a-Bye Baby to Putnam. It was requested back in March and has gone through three re-writes.

I currently have 39 subs out to 34 publishers and 1 agent. I have been very lax in writing and subbing the past few months because I’ve been working on Purple Ducks, a memoirish type book which explains some Chrisitan concepts, especially our need to belong. I have about 210 pages finished in it. I’m really frustrated with it because I have so many doubts about this foray into adult writing. I know I can write picture books. I write some outstanding ones, but as for my adult type writing, I’m not clueless, but I just don’t know how to make it all work together. I sometimes think I just have 30 or so essays that are not so brilliantly connected to one another. If something good doesn’t happen with Purple Ducks,  I’ll feel I’ve wasted some good picture book writing time. Oh well. May God bless my Purple Ducks. Please.


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SCBWI Meeting

June 25, 2007

I attended a SCBWI meeting in June. I seem to only attend the critique meetings. I love them so much. I was inspired to do more with my writing. Praise God for SCBWI and other writers. Without others, I’d probably never write or submit. I’ve been getting on the Verla Kay site more now and have begun to get some mss ready for submission. It’s only a matter of days till they’re in the mail box.


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2006 in review

December 31, 2006

I finished out 2006 with a busy month of writing. All of my spare time went into new stories, or actually old story ideas that finally were written. Still unemployed. God is keeping our heads above water. We’re talking to a local church about the perfect job, church planting that really isn’t church planting, but really is a lot like it. Confused yet?

Books written in December: 16 (4 of these circulating Feb 2007)

Books written in 2006: 44 (9-11) of these circulating as of Feb 2007, might retire 2 of these until they get re-critiqued and re-written).

Best rejections: Reka Simonsen spending Henry Holt’s money to personally send a rejection. Their guidelines say they won’t respond unless they are interested. She replied anyway. I liked that. By far the best reject was in the beginning of the year from Cheryl Klein.  

Lessons learned: Thought I should already be published by now. Sometimes my expectations are a little too high. Remembered that I love writing so much that I cannot stop.

New thing: Wrote and submitted article to SCBWI. Nice rejection and then saw a long thread on Verla Kay about my subject.

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Dry spell for me

July 29, 2006

May, June, and July produced one pb manuscript, and that one wasn’t very good.

During the same time, received my first magazine rejection. More personal rejections “clever and fun but not strong enough for this maket” type of rejects. Oh well. Received an answer to a query saying, “send it.” I had sealed that query with a tear. I must have been emotional the day I sent it.

Lesson learned: A writer can be rejected from both ends of the country on the same exact day. I didn’t just receive the rejections on the same day. They were typed up on the same day. Oh my!

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Beginning of 2006

January 23, 2006

Okay, what’s going on at the beginning of the new year?

Total books written: 68

Total books I’ll still allow into a mail box: 7

Therapeutic nature of writing: Priceless

Books in my son’s library: 1307 (thrift stores, garage sales, in other words, really cheap).


Requested pb rejected

January 10, 2006

Talk about a great rejection. I received one from today from Levine Books. It was the best rejection ever. Good advice on how to make the story better and an amazing compliment on my title. I love Cheryl Klein. Hence, the link to her web site. She has a lot of helpful information on her site. You must check it out.

Lesson learned: If at first you don’t have a query answered positively, try again. This was my second query to Ms. Klein. It also took me two queries for Dutton to request anything.

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Great answer to my query

January 5, 2006

A Candlewick editor sent me an email about a query I’d sent her. She wants to see my story. Thinks it will resonate with many. I emailed the story to her a couple weeks later.

Lesson learned: Sometimes it’s not just spam in the inbox.  

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