More About Me


Movie: Say Anything w/John Cusak (favorite line: I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen.)

Snack: buttered toast, Blue Bell fudge bars

Car: One that’s running

Color: purple

R & B Singer: Prince

Rock band/singer: Cheap Trick/John Mellencamp

80s group: The Cure

Country singer: George Strait/Alan Jackson (tie)

Rap group/artist: Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five/Kool Moe Dee

Television shows: Law & Order – the orignal, Saved by the Bell, The Waltons.

Foreign destination: Eastern Europe

Domestic destination: the plains south of Ardmore, South Dakota – it’s so peaceful!

Pastime: Hanging out with friends or meeting new ones.


Hanging w/my son and going on adventures, reading, watching movies, traveling, and my wife says my hobbies list should include, the computer, the computer, the computer.

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