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I guess what is covered here will be considered a blog to some folks. I just like to consider it a writing journal or timeline of what’s been going on.

Click on a category or year to view the various posts. They cover my writing journey back to its genesis in 1999. I am writing these in February 2007 so my memory may fail me a little. I might have a few details entirely wrong, or just out of place. But unless I’ve written somewhere that I was offered a contract, everything here is pretty much correct. Beginning in February 2007, I will begin posting on occasion about my writing, my ministry, and life in general. Remember, this web site is a work in progress.

You may browse the posts by years: (when browsing, you must know I began getting serious about writing in 2004.  Seriously submitting in 2005. )

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Or, you may browse the posts by topic:

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