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Look! Up in the header! It’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. It’s a persistent picture book writer and his son at one of their favorite spots, the Irving Public Library. Well, as the title of my site suggests, I am persistent. When it comes to writing, this is evident by the numerous times I have not given up. I’ve had plenty of form rejections and a good amount of those wonderful rejections, the personal ones.  Published or not,  I love to write. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to.  I’m incurable and I might even be contagious.   

Like most writers, I have a full-time non-writing job. I spend my spare moments wth my family first, and then writing. What I enjoy most is when family and writing get mixed together. It’s happened so many times. If you are a writer, stick with it, and you’ll soon see how many times your family life and writing overlap. There are even times in life when writing,  family, and my job in ministry joyfully get tangled up together.

On these pages, you’ll find my writing journal/blog, many links to author websites, blurbs on some of my books making the rounds, links to helpful articles, and soon,  this site will include interviews I’ve done with editors, published writers and other persistent unpublished picture book writers like myself. As for me, I have yet to have any children’s writing published.  God willing, 2007 will be an awesome year.

I also write devotional material which I email weekly to a list of folks throughout the U.S. and a few foreign countries. That material can also be read on my website Today’s Devotional Tidbits. In my distant past, I wrote a monthly column on the Dallas-Ft. Worth hip hop scene. I’ve written music reviews which appeared in papers as diverse as the Bismark Tribune in North Dakota to the Long Island Ear in New York. In 2002, I had a story about myself and my photography published in American Cowboy Magazine.

If you’re a writer and I suspect you are, I wish you many blessings as you use your gift of creativity.


Brian Humek

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